Top 5 Trendy Things in Pop Culture in 2014/2015

Written by: Natasha R. Brown, a first year Public Relations student at Humber College

February 9, 2015

Wondering what’s been dominating the social media scene, blogs/vlogs, and overall popular culture throughout the year of 2014 and spilling into 2015? Well here’s a list and breakdown of all the top 5  things that I personally feel have been the most trendy as of late:

  1. Blanket scarves- There are accessories for every season, but fall’s have the honor of being both fashionable and functional (love it). Can you guess which accessory had me giddy for Fall 2014? Blanket Scarves!  I love blanket scarves. So much. They pull your whole outfit together AND keep your neck warm (score!).These oversized scarves double as a wrap for those cold fall and winter days, when your warm cup of chai tea just won’t cut it. This trend has been seen on runways worldwide, celebrities, and on city streets. Celebrities such as, Khloe Kardashian, Selena Gomez, Zendaya and many more have been seen rocking this comfy look. However; don’t be fooled, this look also works for men, as fashion forward celeb, Lenny Kravitz proves to the world.Lenny-Kravitz-Giant-Scarf

2. Man buns- The Man Bun, in case you were wondering, is a neat and tidy solution to long hair on men. Sported recently by Oscar-winning actor Jared Leto it allows long hair to be tucked away at the back of the head courtesy of an artfully tied little bun, held neatly in place with the help of a hair band. It’s nothing super glamorous, but it is a bun nonetheless and something you could definitely slip chopsticks into if you so wished. Many eclectic and eccentric men have been seen rocking this look, and they have seemingly become extremely popular with the ladies. Various blogs and pages have been dedicated to the newly trending man bun.mbm

  1. Beards and tattoos- Like the Man Bun, beards and tattoos have been causing ladies all across the world to swoon over, this new tough guy image that has been heavily emerging on the social media scene. Blogs, fan pages, and hashtags dedicated to the love of scruffy men, who have long surpassed the phases of having a five-o-clock shadow, have dominated all forms of social media. I must confess, I too, indulge in a little innocent beard and tattoo fascination, and have developed somewhat of an obsession with a fellow Instagrammer, by the name of jai_amaru13, who is a single father, that has captivated the hearts of all his followers by posting up pictures of him and his beautiful baby boy.


  1. Vampy lips- As we ladies all wind down from the funky, bright neon colours that we just love to rock all throughout the summer months, and head into hibernation mode, no fashion statement better fits our mood, than a nice dark vampy lip. Shades of Oxblood red, deep plums and berries, can be seen on the lips of ladies from many different walks of life. Companies like MAC, Lorac, and Urban Decay capitalize on the popular trend by creating a plethora of makeup collections specifically suited to art of the Vampy lip.


  1. Hunter boots- Who would have thought that the rubber boot would become a fashion staple, that pairs beautifully with virtually any outfit. Whether you choose to wear them for a casual day at work, or as an accessory to a comfortable day on campus, Hunter boots are the perfect accompaniment to any look.

So there you have it, my take on all that is currently hot and happening, and of course trending in popular culture and on social media.


One thought on “Top 5 Trendy Things in Pop Culture in 2014/2015

  1. danarombough April 13, 2015 / 3:55 pm

    I feel like this post is so relevant with today’s culture. People love to take a simple trend, and just run with it. For example, the man bun. A simple hairstyle, that’s easy to do, and more importantly is free, has become such a big trend. Men can just throw up their hair and feel like they are keeping up with the latest fashion trends.

    I think what makes these trends to popular and so influential is that they are so effortless, and low cost. All of these top five trends, except for maybe the hunter boots, are accessible to almost everyone. Blanket scarves, man buns, tattoos and beards, and vampy lips are all available to a huge majority of society. Man buns and beards are free, the only issue being that you have to have long hair, while blanket scarves, and vampy lips can be achieved for less than $20.

    When it comes to the biggest trends, the ones that take off are the ones that are easily accessible. Blanket scarves can be thrown on top of any outfit, and are a simple fashion piece that doesn’t need much consideration at all. While everyone would love to rock Kanye West’s new line of shoes, not everyone can afford them, and they are extremely hard to access. I love that this post showcases the accessible, effortless trends. I feel like this post not only highlights the current fashion trends, but also provides a sort of how-to guide.

    This writer knows what’s fresh in today’s culture, and does a great job of attracting readers – I will definitely be tuning in to future posts.

    | Dana Rombough is a full-time student enrolled in Humber College’s public relations program. |


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