The Journey of an International Student Acquiring Her Dream In Canada

ALICIA BAILEY“The sky is he limit; never give up on your aspirations and dreams”

Alicia Bailey  is a social media specialist and Humber Student .

I am Alicia Bailey, and I am from the beautiful Island of Jamaica. I have immigrated to Canada to acquire my dream of gaining a Human Resource Degree at Humber College. I originally  moved to Canada in April of 2011 to pursue a degree in Human Resources. Through this blog I would like to share my experiences and transition from my homeland to a foreign country to acquire my dream.

Ochi Rios, Jamaica

My journey started when I received my acceptance package into Humber College. It was a great day for my family and I when I spread the great news that I got accepted and I will be starting a new chapter in my life.

When arriving here people asked me if I was crazy because I moved from such a beautiful and warm country with a great culture to Canada which is cold and fast paced. I always told them a quote from my home which states, “if you want good yuh nose haffi run” which means if you desire to be great you have to endure whatever it takes to get there. And that is exactly what I decided to do. I had strong emotions of being anxious, happy, scared, sad and unsure.With the help of my sister who went to college in the United States of America before I did  and experienced the transition and the hardships helped me to cope with my evolution and shock.

On arrival in Canada as well as starting my dream at Humber College I met great and friendly staff as well as welcoming students from various countries. It was then when I came to my senses and realized that this is not so bad and I was only going through a life change that would only make my life better. I had also realized that is wasn’t easy for my parents to let go of their last child and invest so much financial help and effort to allow me to pursue my dream. From this point on in my journey I learned to try and make the best of every situation and even when it is a bad situation to take a positive from it.

The support and love that I received from my family and friends in Jamaica made me think that this change was for the better. It wasn’t because they were trying to force me to grow up and gain responsibilities and experience life as an adult or to make my life more complicated but rather to help me develop and grow whilst doing their best in order to provide me with a successful future.

I can confidently say that  being in Canada has taught me a lot of self-discipline and maturity. When I was in Jamaica I would depend solely on my parents to provide everything I needed. Being in Canada taught me tough love and how to adapt and make the best of every situation. In Canada everything is done in an organized manner which teaches you the importance of obeying laws and rules. As we all know each culture has numerous values and knowledge. I have brought my heritage from the beautiful Island of Jamaica to share with the extraordinary folks at Humber College as well as to grow and adapt to the lifestyle and Canadian Culture.

In summary it is safe to say a journey to Canada wasn’t an easy thing to do for a Caribbean born and raised individual. Canada has exposed me to great things such as new beginnings, more opportunity and understanding more about Canadian culture and lifestyle. Being optimistic and having a strong desire to pursue my goals and dreams is all I need in order to get through. The secret to endless opportunities is to adapt and apply yourself. The sky is the limit, Never give up on your aspirations and dreams.

Thank you for reading my blog. Tell me about your experience. I will leave you with this quote until next time “we are what we repeatedly do therefore; excellence is not an act but a habit.” – Artisole

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