For the Love of Fashion:1st Ball Game

Jessica Ofori-Boateng

Fashion Student from Humber College

For the love of fashion: 1st Ball Game

February 08, 2015

Hello Dolls!! This Sunday, I experienced my very first ever NBA game.  My boyfriend bought us two tickets to see Raptors take on the San Antonio Spurs at the Air Canada Centre and I was of course rooting for the home team Raptors to take the game. It was an interesting event considering I’m not a basketball fan and have only watched one or at most two games in my life time. The thought-provoking part about this event was that I had no clue who the players were. So imagine my excitement and confusion all at the same time!  Shame to say I had to give up watching The Gammy awards on the same Sunday, which of course Dolls you know is THE event of the year.  Now that is something I can relate to, the “Best to Worst Dressed of the night” and all the glam.  Nonetheless I was excited!

There is something I would like to say before getting into my overall game experiences. Dress code, dress code, dress code! This may sound silly but I guess as a fashion student, my mindset is that I have to dressing up everywhere I go. Unfortunately I should have obeyed the laws of the Canadian weather for that Sunday. Which warned – please bundle up, it is cold out there!!  I chose the worst day to dress down, the temperature was -10C but it felt like -25C and I literally froze before getting to the game. As most of you would know downtown Toronto parking is ridiculous. From where we had parked to the ACC was about a 10 minutes-walk. I tried to convince my boyfriend to take a cab but he held my hand and gave me his scarf. Sweet right? NO!! Not for me at the time anyway. I cried but my tears turned almost into icicles as they fell.

Oh boy, what fashionistas would do just for the love of fashion?  So as silly as it may seem I have a few tips to give you my fellow fashion lovers:

  1. Check the weather before leaving the house (very important)
  2. Dress accordingly- Hear me, I’m not saying you can’t look good but buddle up.
  3. Don’t park too far from your destination, you might freeze.
  4. Don’t be late.

We arrived 20 minute late to the game needless to say. Rushing to find our seats, I looked around and I was amazed how electrifying the inside of the ACC was, despite the fact that the home team was losing 33 of 35 at first half. Our seats were a little further up but I had a fantastic view. As the game progressed the crowd went wild as the Raptors took an unpredicted lead. For someone who is not a huge basketball game, I found myself cheering along with the other basketball fans. It was surprising how straight-forward the game was to follow. It was intense as both teams battled against each other. I couldn’t help but get caught up in the moment. I was particularly impressed with player number 7 –Kyle Lowry (I found his name after the game at the gift shop), who really brought his A-game, something I understand he does all the time. I really liked how he handled the ball on the court, looking cute at the same time. Another fascinating observation Dolls, is how incredibly tall these players really are whiles looking much shorter on TV. But then again what do I know!


Raptors WON despite trailing behind in scores during the majority of the game, and the Spurs lost. The Spurs were beaten 83-85. A real coup for me watching the home team win in my very first live game. It was great entertainment, and a fantastic evening well spent with my boyfriend. I would most definitely go to more NBA games in the future even if the weatherman calls for freezing temperatures and would love a courtside view.

My overall experience was great. I had a wonderful time. I can absolutely say watching a live game is different compared to watching it on TV. On TV, you have the constant interruptions from the commentators and announcers, talking about the game and whatnots. When you’re actually there, the only voices you hear are the PA announcer’s and that of the crowd.

We didn’t buy any concessions because of the ridiculous prices. They are kind of expensive, but I was so excited I wasn’t even thinking about food.

So here is my first time at a live basketball event. Do you have a first ever experience at an NBA Game and care to share? LET ME KNOW.


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