Earth Become Hot Pot

Humber International student (China) ,Zihao Ding, 4 Feb 2015

Recent years a lot of news talk about the word “global warming”, literal meaning to show people the whether become warmer than past, but now a day people can not just know the world, people need worry about this negative effect for our “mother”. Precisely, this effect already to destroy an island country that is Tuvalu, all the citizen move to New Zealand, that was the first country move all the citizen to other country, (Knox, 2002) but it was not last one, so people need force on this problem as soon as possible.

What are bad changes coming in earth? The most important thing is sea level will increase to threat 75% population, huge percentage people living near the coastline, when the sea level become higher, people must be move in inland, a lot of city will disappear, like Shanghai, Hong Kong, New york City, those are very important city for human, if people do not take any action for this effect, people will lose it forever. That change will happen very slowly, but some case will happen near people, that is the weather. When people say global warming, they will think about melting glaciers, but what is the precise effect by melting glaciers, this change will affect weather which country near the two poles, temperature will decrease too fast, because the ice thaw need energy from air that make temperature become lower.

Why our earth will happen this terrible change to punish people, the answer is industry development and low-carbon dioxide manages. When people enter the industrial stage, the most of the countries star to race who can make more carbon dioxide into air, that behavior make our air have more and more carbon dioxide, in the mean time, people use more tree to supply industry to result in earth do not have enough tree to transfer carbon dioxide become oxygen, that means people’s behavior break the balance and make earth warmer. Now a day, people’s main energy is coal and oil, human rely on two energies to push electronic make people’s life more modernization, people cannot leave this to survival. If people can stop put carbon dioxide into air, the warming will stop, but people cannot do this.

How people solution global warming? A part of people thinks the global warming is the natural thing in the earth, but though the temperature, people do not feel big change. In fact the change is really small than air-condition, but the earth more sensitive than people. People new fix out plant, the first thing is change our mine energy in the world, government should encourage people use renewable energy sources to supply their life, like water, wind, geothermal and nuclear energy. Even the animal husbandry and agriculture also have big effect for global warming. (Climate Change Solution) When the population increase, people need more food which encourage the animal husbandry, but the new research show people the animal husbandry actually change the air. The earth need some thing to saved, a lot of scientists try to make way easier, to change the transformer, energy supply, and industrial emission.

Human need think about what they want in the future, move to other plant or make earth more health. The global warming is the big problem important than any thing; weather change will affect people life even to kill people soundless. If people want to see what happen in movie“the day after tomorrow”, they do not to do any thing for the global warming. Global warming will change weather slow and actual. You need focus on it.


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