Dress To Impress: Top Looks at the Grammys

Amanda Flora, February 11 2014, Fashion Blogger

From celebrities such as Rihanna, Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, and many more, take a seat, grab your popcorn, and lets take a ride through the top looks at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards. On February 8, stars from the music industry gathered to not only collect their awards, but show off their hottest looks. This show has a completely different angle, as our style expectations are totally different. We expect glamour, glitz, and the one and only Lady Gaga to show up in some utterly, over the top costume wear. Lets not forgot her 2010 appearance wearing a space age dress and a glitter bodysuit. Who were you excited to see on the red carpet this year? Lights, camera, action, lets take a walk down the red carpet and see who we find.

The red carpet is where it all begins, stars arrive dressing to impress. Looking better than ever, is Nicki Minaj in Tom Ford. She looks absolutely beautiful, sexy, and very feminine. Her dress was tailored perfectly, making her figure pop. Head to toe she looks stunning, and like a new women. How do you feel about Nicki’s new look? See it here:


Many people might hate, hate, hate Taylor Swift, but when it came to her custom Elie Saab halter dress, the haters can’t say anything other then she looked beautiful. The teal dress, and matching accessories made her eyes pop. What do you think of Taylor Swifts wardrobe of the night? I love this look, and can’t wait for next year to see what she wears.

Now we know were going to see a lot of skin, unique outfits, and costume looks. Isn’t that what makes the red carpet so exciting though? Andrea Lavinthal is rocking her Alexandrea Vauthier design. Do you think she looked too crazy? Is it way to short in the front, and maybe a little to long in the front? Absolutely, and she looks stunning. The dramatic one shoulder really showed off her figure. Her slicked back hair makes her look sexy and elegant.

Who were your wardrobe flops of the night? How did you feel about Rihanna’s dress choice of the night? Did you like the colour? Personally, I think the bust and the empire waist was too high, which made her figure not appealing. It looked like a dress more for a younger generation, something like a high school prom. Some people looked hot, and unfortunately Rihanna did not. Take a look here:

The Grammy’s is awesome for awards, but the best part of the night will always be the fashion. Who do you think dazzled the Grammys?

Dont see your favourite? Be sure to share in the comments. For more about the Grammy’s top looks, visit:



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