Building a Dream

Building A Dream At Eight Years Old

I often try and sit back, just to get comfortable enough to be able to rewind my mind all the way back to when I think it first began… So I invite you to journey with me to the origins of an entrepreneurial dream.

I would say at this stage I am eight years old, and it’s a typical B-E-A-utiful (to phrase Jim Carrey) tropical day but what made that day even more intriguing was that it was the first time I looked up. I never look up; I keep my head down and just walk straight home from school. There she was, as much as it may sound corny, like an “angel” this beautiful woman walked into a corner glass office and as I stood there gawking at her, gradually the physical world around me disappeared and I became more and more lost in my thoughts of who she was and what it was that she did in her glass office all day.

That “glass office” to me was the embodiment of success, and that’s when my dream started to take form, even though in my conscious mind I had yet to realize but my dream was being built.

Day after day I would walk pass that office building just to glance at her, sometimes a stare, sometimes I would dare myself to go up and say hi and ask her what it is that she does? But I could never muster up the courage to do so. However, I told myself that from observing her I figured out what it is that she does…

You have to remember, I’m eight years old and the world is just starting to make sense to me… I knew how to read, I knew how to write, and I also understood right from wrong. So it was only a matter of time that my mind would start putting the pieces together. And so it did. However, what I didn’t know—which never even made it into the realm of reality in my young overzealous mind—was that, that was the wrong way to do it.  My intentions were noble but my method was flawed. Trying to figure out what this woman did all day behind her walnut desk surrounded by her glass windows was like looking for a needle in a hay stack.

Regardless a dream is being born… my dream, to one day be a successful entrepreneur. I may not have known what her specific job title was but I knew what career category I wanted to build a dream on.

Looking back I can see the purity of child-innocence and how different the world even back then appeared to me.  I remember how I thought—and still do today—that what the world needed was more dreamers, more visionaries and more imagineers. More people to see the beauty of life—even in death—and be able to share that with the rest of humanity.

Hence my liking of art and expression. No I am not what you would refer to as an artiste, but I do have an art. Neither am I a musician but I do have a melody. Nor am I a dancer but I too have a flow. So then what am I? I am a student of “expression” who’s currently pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce with a specialization in Marketing at Humber College.  As such, I see and hear beauty in all things great and small and I simply want to show at least one other person the world through my eyes.

Now having written this blog post, and taking you for a walk down the corridors of my mind, I wonder..!, “What if I run into the eight year old version of myself?, What would I say?, What questions would I ask?, or even more so how prepared am I to answer questions thrown at me?” I am not entirely sure to be honest but I leave you with this, if that eight years old boy still lives in me, I he would be proud. Proud to know that I have not forgotten him nor his dream.

By now, I am pretty sure most of you reading this blog have flipped back a few of your own mental pages and are probably standing face to face with a younger version of yourself. So now, how do you feel? Did the dreams you once dreamt become a reality? Or if not how close are you to achieving those?

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