7 things being a kid taught you

Zinet Mustafovski, Student, Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning

Being a kid is the easiest time of a person’s life. Remember the good old days? Running around the playground only caring about the next 5 minutes of fun. Here are 7 totally relevant points that we learned as kids and things that we should take into consideration into our lives now;

  1.      Listen to your heart.

We used to go with what felt right when we were kids, now it’s becomes a hundred questions and a list of pros or cons before deciding what to order for lunch. If we bring back more heart into our adult day-to-day lives, we’ll end up going with your natural choices that feel right for ourselves.

  1.      Boys/Girls have cooties.

We stayed away back then. Maybe now focusing a little more on ourselves, and not always worrying about being alone or worrying about someone else will help us create better futures for ourselves. We’ll bring back the cooties AND the aspirations.

  1.      Playing outside is FUN.

Nowadays it’s two choices for most people; go to the gym or sit on the couch. For some reason we’ve forgotten the amazing exercise and fun we can have by just spending time outside! It doesn’t have to be a vigorous workout routine outside, but even spending time outside moving with your kids, or meeting up with your friends for a game of football can get you moving in a great way.

  1.      The future is limitless.

We often end up in ruts as adults, and sometimes we just accept what we have and deal with it every day. As kids though we knew the future was limitless, and it still is; you’re only as limited as the limits you place on yourself. It’s never too late to go for your dreams.

  1.      Always being happy.

We were almost always happy growing up, even a little thing like blowing bubbles or getting a piece of chocolate made us so happy. To get that happiness now as adults we need a new car, or a giant screen TV. If we could go back to a piece of chocolate making us that happy, things would be a lot happier in your day-to-day lives.

  1.      Express yourself!

We’re always hiding our feelings because that’s we’ve learned and were taught to do. It is literally scientifically proven that that’s not healthy! Going back to expressing ourselves however we wanted will help us get what we want in the long term and be honest with the people around us.

  1.      Play.

After a while we forget to sometimes just let loose and have fun, and that not everything needs a purpose. We can bring the joy that used to come so easily at play time back into our lives if we just take a minute to relax and PLAY!

Being a kid was the greatest and easiest time of our lives, back then we couldn’t wait to grow up but now that we have we wish we could go back. These reasons perfectly outline exactly why being a kid was so awesome! Do you have any points to add to my list? If you disagree, comment below and tell me some good points on why it rocks to be an adult!


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