Top 5 Brunch Spots in Toronto

Carlie Garbella is a Public Relations student at Humber College. Friday, February 6, 2015 – 4:13 p.m.

Downtown Toronto is famous for it’s nightlife, so what better way to end a great night out than to start the morning off right with a scrumptious, hangover friendly brunch? Or if you’re a morning person, any of these spots will be sure to get your work day started off right. If you live in the area, or are planning on visiting in the near future, these are 5 must try restaurants that will be sure not to disappoint.

  1. Saving Grace – 907 Dundas Street West

A low key and low cost spot in the heart of Dundas Street, Saving Grace offers a variety of customizable, anything really! From scrambled eggs and bacon to chocolate chip pancakes with whipped cream, Saving Grace is known for it’s easily customizable menu. Even though this restaurant is low on the list, it still deserves to be on here just as much as the others.

  1.  Le Petit Dejeuner – 191 King Street East

Most famous for it’s Belgium waffles, Le Petit Dejeuner is a cozy little all day dining spot in the heart of Downtown Toronto. Having a retro vibe, dining at this restaurant is a sure delight alongside amazing food. This spot is the definition of “cheap eats”.

  1. Aunties and Uncles – 74 Lippincott Street

With a name like Aunties and Uncles, who wouldn’t want to give this place a try? From personal experience, nothing quite gets me hooked like consistency, and this restaurant does not disappoint. You can pretty much smell the eggs frying and the bacon sizzling from all the way down the street. A must try for all the classics.

  1. Lady Marmalade – 898 Queen Street East

Open 7 days a week, a newly renovated Lady Marmalade is the go to for customizable eggs benedict, which happens to be a favourite of mine. The overall atmosphere here is great and the staff have always been nothing but pleasant. With very loyal customers, there is sure to be a lineup every Sunday morning to enjoy their delicious food. There is no wonder this hot stop made the list.!1s0x89d4cb716e5ca9b5:0x49ebb38ff2aebd78!2m5!2m2!1i80!2i80!3m1!2i100!3m1!7e1!4s!5slady+marmalade+toronto+-+Google+Search&sa=X&ei=YhnYVLDgD5KmyASNg4CYDQ&sqi=2&ved=0CIMBEKIqMAs

  1. Easy Restaurant – 713 College Street & 1645 Queen Street West

If having dual locations downtown doesn’t give away that this is the best spot to snag some brunch, then I don’t know what does. Best eggs benedict in town and their steak and eggs comes in close second. Friendly staff, a great atmosphere and even better all day breakfast is enough to make any great restaurant, but there is a reason Easy Restaurant took the number one spot. You must go for yourself to fully understand.

While different experiences may switch up the order of these restaurants, there is no doubt each individual spot deserves to be on here. Whether you’re simply a pancakes person, a gluten friendly eater or a eggs benedict with rye bread and pulled pork instead of ham kind of person, all of these restaurants will be sure not to disappoint. A good brunch is reason enough to get out of bed in the morning, even after the roughest of nights. If you’ve been to any of the restaurants that made the list, or have any other recommendations or reviews feel free to leave a comment below!   of bed in the morning, even after the roughest of nights. If you’ve been to any of the restaurants that made the list, or have any other recommendations or reviews feel free to leave a comment below!

2 thoughts on “Top 5 Brunch Spots in Toronto

  1. arnellangulo April 13, 2015 / 7:28 am

    I really enjoyed your blog post. Living in Toronto, finding brunch places are very hard to come by. The different brunch locations you have suggested has definitely got me hungry. I like the fact that you included restaurants that cater to each individual preference. From pancakes, to waffles, and to even fried eggs, you nailed it with these cool, low key restaurants.

    Like you said, downtown Toronto is famous for its nightlife. What I love about your post that each restaurant is located walking distance, if not a streetcar away from the clubbing district. I definitely would love to try Le Petit Dejeuner the next time I spend the night at the King Edward Hotel after a fun night at EFS or F-Stop.
    Although it is slightly away from the clubbing district, have you ever gone to Lola’s Kitchen (
    Located at 634 Church Street, just east of Yorkville , Lola’s kitchen isn’t your usual eggs and bacons place. They have cool brunch items like a Kale Caesar Salad, Eggs Benny, and even a gluten-free brunch bowl, which I had the opportunity to try myself.

    For only $15 the gluten free brunch bowl consists of baby potatoes, arugula, beef jus, pulled short ribs, caramelized onions, goat cheese, green onions, and two organic sunny eggs. Where can you go wrong?

    I hope next time you hit the clubs up in Toronto you also check out Lola’s kitchen, or if you have any other suggestions, I would love to know! Cheers.

    Arnell Angulo is a Toronto-based food enthusiast and is a Humber College Public Relations Advanced Diploma student.


  2. erikaper April 15, 2015 / 9:01 pm

    Hi Carlie,

    I am happy someone wrote about Toronto’s amazing brunch spots. I personally was going to write about a couple of my favourite brunch spots that you did include in your list. I have to agree with your thoughts on Aunites and Uncles, it never disappoints. I recently moved near the restaurant and it’s become my number one pick for brunch. It always smells/tastes amazing and has a super cozy atmosphere. I love the old interior.

    I wanted to share with you my other two favourite brunch spots around the city! If you’re near the east side of town you must try Bonjour Brioche. It’s a French style bakery-café that is the closet thing to Paris. The croissants are to die for. I have been once and been dreaming about it ever since.

    Bonjour Brioche

    If you’re near the west side of town, you must try Gayley’s Café. It’s very affordable offering a wide selection. I recommend the oven roasted chicken and avocado sandwich.

    Gayley’s Café

    Happy brunchin’!



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