The Benefits of Serving While in Your Early Twenties

The Benefits of Serving While in Your Early Twenties

Want to make a lot of money fast? Meet new people? Work flexible hours?

When you are in your early twenties a lot of the time you are in school or just starting out in life and you need money to get where you want to be.  Most people find themselves working retail, cooking and doing maintenance jobs, this kind of work pays minimum wage. You work the same amount of hours as a server and you’re paid a lot less.

The Pay Advantage

When you make minimum wage it starts out at $10.30 an hour; whereas, servers get paid $9.55 an hour. That’s only a 75-cent difference. But look at it from a server’s perspective they go home with cash in their pocket. Think about it, in retail if you work for eight hours you will make $82.40. If you worked eight hours as a server you would make $76.40.

Those eight hours that you worked say you made an additional $160 in tips, (cash money) this isn’t a guaranteed amount of tips you will make every night it’s just an example.

Minimum wage = $10.30/hour

Server wage = $9.55/hour

$160 (example tips) divide that number by the 8 hours that you worked

(160/8) = $20/ hour + 9.55/hourly wage = 29.55/hour

29.55/hour x the 8 hours you worked =  $236

By working the same amount of hours and earning tips you almost triple your income. I worked for one year at Lone Star Texas Grill I saved all of my tips while living at home and tried to not go out as much. In one summer I was able to save 15 grand and bought a brand new car. I was able to pay for the car with cash and in that case I didn’t need a co-signer.

The People Skills

When working in the service industry you start to earn extra money and get used to having cash in your wallet. But another great thing about it is the people you meet and the communication skills you learn. As a server you are completely open to the public you never know who you’re going to meet and what needs they are going to have. You have to be able to relate and understand of the needs of your guests. Your listening multi- tasking skills improve immensely while serving. As a server you can’t be shy you learn to speak up and come out of your shell. The more friendly and personable you are the better customers feel and hopefully they tip you better. These communications skills are something that will get you through life and help mold you into a better person. Also you learn to deal with rude people, which is a skill that you will need for the rest of your life.

The top five life lessons/skills that can be taken from the service industry and used throughout the rest of your personal life and career are:

Patience, Multitasking, Personable, Outgoing and Charismatic

After serving these skills come with ease and you will have no problem meeting new people, getting to know them and being friendly. You never know who you are going to meet and it always helps to have these characteristics.

The Flexible Hours

The great thing about serving is that it is all shift work and there are so many chances to pick up shifts give them away or trade them. There is no such thing as working a set nine-to-five schedule in the service industry; you get to decide how much you want to work. The great perks and set backs is that most restaurants are busiest on the weekend. That is when you are most likely to get scheduled. If you’re working then there is a greater chance to make more money and not go out. By the time you are done your shift everywhere is closed; therefore it is more money in your pocket.

So while you are in your twenties try the service industry. Would you rather work the same hours and make minimum wage or try working in a fast paced environment and triple your income? The choice is yours.

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