The 6 Essentials For Every Cheer Practice

The 6 Essentials For Every Cheer Practice

Written by: Shannon Lawrence, First year public relations student, and cheerleader of 13 years.

As any cheerleader knows your cheer bag is one of those things that can save the day when it comes to practice! In saying that it is vitally important we keep it equipped with all of the essentials for a successful practice in any situation!

  • Cheer Shoes: As any cheerleader knows cheer shoes are the number one essential at every practice and must be worn at every practice. I also have tried practicing without shoes and find that skills are done better in shoes not in your socks. It is also important to make sure you have good solid cheer shoes that fit your needs, in my experience the lighter the shoe the better you will feel in them.

Shoe suggestions:

Both can be bought here:

  • Hair bow: Cheer bows are one of the greatest parts of cheer, they are sparkly, fun, and just an overall good time. They are also useful to wear at practice so you can get used to wearing them and be completely comfortable while competing. We all know hair can get stuck on them or the bow can fall out but having worn them at practice will help you to not pay attention to it. Your bow can also be your signature look among everyone else.

Bow Suggestions:

  • Snack: A small snack is a necessity when going to a 2-3 hour cheer practice especially when your coach goes Cali SMOED crazy with conditioning. You will appreciate the granola bar on break. Suggestions for snacks would be something nutritious like some fruit and some cheese maybe grab a snack box from Starbucks on the way to practice.
  • Water: Hydration is KEY. Bring a water bottle that can be refilled to practice because you will need to have a continuous flow of water throughout the intense pre-comp practice.
  • Deodorant: You will be thanking not only yourself but all of your teammates who did the same when the gym doesn’t smell like a boy’s football locker. In cheerleading needing to be all over your teammates and be so close the whole practice everyone will appreciate the deodorant.
  • SAFETY KIT: At any practice you could get injured or not feel well, this can be easily fixed with a small kit that has anything you need for these situations. The kit should include a tensor bandage for any injury, any brace you require for flare ups of past injuries, Advil, and Pepto-Bismol chewable for any stomach aches. This kit will not only be your best friend but also ensures you are ready for any situation at practice.

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