How to add the greenfactor to your meals,without affecting your budget

Rob Pellarin is a Food Fanatic, at Home chef, student cook and Foodie

How often do you cook with healthy greens? Do you feel like there is just not enough time to pack a healthy lunch for your day? Well I’ll tell you a trade secret right now, there are many simple and affordable ways to cook with greens such as, boiling, steaming, baking and pan-frying.

Green food is good food

Try adding celery and peanut butter or better known as ants on a log to your menu. This lunch favorite is a great way to add some vitamin and protein to your meal while staying easy and convenient. To make this recipe all you need is some peanut butter, a few stocks of celery and the optional raisins. It’s a fast and fun snack for when you’re on the go.

Ants on a log- Celery snack

So now you’re at work and it’s lunchtime…what are you going to bring for a healthy green lunch? Well I don’t know about you I’m going to go with cucumber subs. Substitute your regular bread for a healthy green cucumber. This is a light and fresh way to incorporate some major green into your daily routine. Check out this link for a great green sandwich:  

Green sandwich – Celery sandwich …yummy…

There are many reasons why adding more greens to your diet is beneficial to your overall health. One example is leafy greens are full of vitamins, minerals, and disease-fighting phytochemicals. With super powers like that it would be a shame not to put them to good use. Some leafy greens, like collards and kale, are particularly rich in calcium. These help keep your teeth and bones strong and reduces your overall risk for osteoporosis. The benefits of living a green lifestyle are very important to your body. A lot of the daily nutrients your body needs to run properly comes from the consumption of those tasty greens. Kale is known to be a good substitute for lettuce, it can be boiled and served as a side, it can be steamed and spiced or it can be used in salad for a great kale salad recipe follow on through this link (

Kale Salad – Looks good and tastes even better

You’re probably thinking to yourself “Wait I can’t afford to eat healthy, greens must cost so much?” Well that is a common myth among people, there are many ways using these recipes to create wonderfully healthy meals while still holding a budget. A bunch of kale will cost you approximately $2.50.There are many ways to cook with kale and at such affordable prices, if you are interested in more recipes on cooking with kale follow the link here(

By adding a little bit of green to your meals you will soon feel the benefits because not only do these green vegetables help keep your body fuelled and energized they are a great way to stay healthy and satisfying your hunger. Do you like cooking green? What’s your favorite way to cook  greens?

It’s been great talking food with you. Stay fresh. .Stay healthy. Stay in shape

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