How Social Media Is a Fake Deposition of Real Life

Life in your 20’s

How Social Media Is a Fake Deposition of Real Life

“The Valencia filter is just so forgiving.”

By: Mallory Pitts

Writer, animal activist and Humber College Student

These days, appearances are everything.

We live in an era when capturing moments using our phones or tablets are more important than actually living these moments with whoever is beside us.

Because if without evidence of our wild, cool, and better than everyone else’s escapades, as far as the world is concerned, did they even happen?

Now a days when a girl purchases a new Michael Kors handbag, if it’s not uploaded to Instagram in the most “Tumblr fashion” sort of way, she might as well not even have one at all. Or when a girl is looking for a new dress to wear to your typical overhyped and overpriced club downtown, she’s far more concerned about finding the perfect dress for her new soon awaited Facebook profile picture than for the actual party itself. Oh and you better believe that picture will have only the most original hashtags; #bestnightever #whitegirlwasted #nofilter.

Everyone is trying to prove that they are having a better time in a better outfit with better company oppose to everyone else.

People are so concerned about finding that perfect “candid” shot or whipping out their phones when something worth evoking emotion happens, rather than just living in the actual moment itself.

It seems like everyone on the Internet is selling a dream. A dream life. Some take pictures with stacks of money “#thuglife” while in reality they don’t have a dime to their name. Others wouldn’t dare to upload a selfie unless they have digitally removed any imperfections, used the best lighting, thought of some inspirational quote that delivers no common theme to their headshot, and took the time to find the perfect filter, maybe even two. Why not.

A girl on Instagram can be looking all flawless like Beyoncé but in reality resembles more so one of Lindsay Lohan’s infamous train wreck mug shots. Thus, we have welcomed the term “Instagram pretty.” It’s sad this is even a socially acceptable term in modern day society. What we see online is usually pretty far from reality, so when it comes to first dates, well thank god for restaurant dim lighting, am I right? But besides all that really matters is the hot profile picture he or she will show their friends of the smokin’ hot date they were with.

Then we have those who have made it past all the first dates and are in a love binding relationship, according to Facebook at least. #facebookofficial. Because, well, it’s not official unless its Facebook official.

When your significant other buys you flowers, in exchange, you have to take a picture and upload it. After all, what’s the point of being happy if not everyone knows about it?

Your timeline has become a display of what you are missing out on but it’s easy to forget that people only share what they want to share. People only share their best moments to paint a perfect picture, but that picture probably has an instagram filter on it. You may feel your life may fall short than some of your Facebook friends, but more often than not, so does the life of whomever posted it.

Life is now a popularity contest, and you are losing if you don’t have the most likes or the most followers.

Many have been guilty of uploading a selfie and then secretly deleting it when it hasn’t gotten enough socially acceptable “likes” because that alone is an indicator of how many people like them in real life.

But this should not be the sad reality that it has come to be. Don’t let social media fool you, there are people who hardly have any likes or the least number of followers, but have many friends.

There are people who don’t feel the need to brag, who are halfway to a deposit on their first house and others who are pictured in VIP every Saturday but not a penny to their name.

When you are scrolling through your newsfeed next time, just remember that you are entering into a dream world.

What is the infatuation everyone has of posting every single detail of their lives to social media?

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