Proving We May Be More in Sync Than You Thought

By Tony Millar, Public Relations student, Humber College. Posthumanism is not well defined. For this article consider: Posthumanism is a solution to poststructuralism and humanism, born out of the (some would perceive) “evils” of postmodernism.

Could bio-engineering simply be evolution?

Ever since the establishment of Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, there has been a great divide between those who label themselves with a post humanistic ideology and a transhumanistic one, creating one the most heated culture wars in modern times.   To quickly refresh, those with a post humanism mindset believe the earth would be best without humans, as we are prone to disrupt ecosystems globally and have been known to…well…eliminate entire species to meet our own wants. Those with a transhumanistic mindset believe that genetic engineering and green technologies are needed to survive as a species and support ideas such as human genetic modifications and often genetically modified organisms (GMO). I’m here to explain how these two theories can work together, and increase communication as well as understanding for those finding themselves only seeing one logical option of the two.   As many of us know, the list of evidence for evolution creates an almost indisputable argument for the theory (with the exception of flagellum bacteria). This list covers a variety of facts from vestigial organs to the hierarchical organization that occurs through every aspect of nature. We’re going to touch base one of the most prominent evidences that prove both Darwinism and transhumanism can fall into the same category.   Similarities in structure: While looking at almost all mammalian and amphibian skeletal structures, we can quickly notice similarities in many aspects leading us to believe a homologous structure is present. A key example of that can be found when looking at human arms, cat legs, whales flippers and bats wings as shown below. a      The comparison of bone structure between human arms, cat legs, whale flippers, bat wings.   This structure can be applied to humans from around the world on a much more obvious level, when looks as facial features and other prominent characteristics. While transhumanism and posthumanism may both agree or a single origin, it is the posthumanistic belief that we should not engineer our environment. This includes both the creation of concrete jungles to the genetic modification of molecules. Engineering of environment is considered unnatural by many and is inevitably the reason for our future demise as a species. But what if I told you engineering of environment causes similarities throughout the world? Just as bone structure can be seen similar by the most fit creating evolution.   When looking at genetic engineering, it is best to look at the roots of engineering itself to get a full understanding of how we got to our current condition. The first defined mark of evolution is that of the pyramids built over 3,000 years ago by the Egyptians, Mayans, Indonesians and many other cultures. Pyramids can be found in almost every continent of the world. These structures are said to have taken numerous years to complete often using over 2 million blocks to be created. At the time, this must have been ground breaking technology, with the possibility of village and community members cursing it saying how creating such a structure is not a natural way of living and will doom humanity as they know it.

“Pyramids will lead to advanced engineering, which will lead to abortions, which will lead to stem cell research and kill us all.” -Egyptian citizen, 2630 B.C.

With no contact to outside regions or communities, the construction of these pyramids happened all within 3,000 years of each other. Below you can see the geographical location of three pyramids the similarities they share. aa      Pyramid’s from Mayan, Egyptian and Indonesian regions share significant similarities\   This intensely engineered design may have founded the knowledge of physics, mathematics and other scientific principles that would later build entire cities in these areas. Through continued engineering, established working designs, and shared knowledge we have come to the opportunity of biotechnology as we know it today. What does all this have to do with Darwin’s theory of evolution? Just as we find similarities of animals who live on opposite side of the worlds, we find similarities in design, architecture and engineering from areas who had no way to ever contact one another. We can refer to this as homologous engineering.     Now, knowing that before time of contact we had similar designs, we can argue no matter the amount of modification, manipulation, or engineering, we will always fall into a certain similarity with everything around. This can be used to conclude bio engineering as we know it may lead to stronger more healthy organisms surrounding it and worldwide. This becomes especially true when looking at frontier science claims that modern horizontal gene transfer happens at such a level we are constantly changing to that which is around us in regards to DNA patterns and key gene characteristics.   With such blatant similarities in ancient engineering and architectural design, is seems apparent that any kind of human engineering will not exist without following the similarity of homologous structure proven by Darwin’s theory of evolution in so many animals. All animals came from one place, just as the structures and modifications humans (animals) create came from the same place. I say modify, change, and manipulate so long as we stay aware of ourselves, each other, and our history from the dawn of time. Changes are contagious and should be embraced. aaa       Additional similarities in ancient culture found around the world.


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