My recap of the Grammy award’s with the greatest music talents in the world.

Natalie Robillard is a social media student at Humber College

The 57th Annual Grammys were February 8th at the Staples Centre in Los Angeles. It was is the biggest night in the music industry and all celebrities were out in full force. Alongside with the Grammys come very memorable performances, awards, and questionable outfits. I want to highlight my favourite parts from last night and share the performances with you guys!

Sam Smith was a big winner last night being awarded four Grammy’s despite it being his first time nominated for a Grammy. Winning record of the year, song of the year, and best new artist, Sam Smith has dominated music charts this past year and I think no one deserved them more then he did!

Album of the year was a questionable choice in my opinion. The award went to Beck an artist who I personally have never heard of. He was up against albums that I believe are a much better listen. I am partial to the Beyoncé album because it is a personal favourite and I was rooting for her to win. What about you guys, do you think Beck deserved the award or should it have went to someone better known in the industry? Kanye West certainly felt so when he ALMOST pulled his stunt by taking the microphone away, just like he did with Taylor Swift. But ,because he has a daughter now he stopped himself .

Best R&B Performance went to none other then Queen B herself along side her husband for their collaboration Drunk In Love. I expected no less in this category even though I was voting for her in every category she was nominated for. Im not alone am I ? how many of you are hardcore Beyoncé fans? Get at me.


Numerous celebrities performed on the stage last night and the performances at the Grammy’s are my favourite part about the show.

I am a hip-hop lover at heart which is probably why Kanye West’s performance of “Only One” was my favourite of the night. Although his performance with Rihanna and Paul McCartney, was a close tie. Check his performance out here.

Katy Perry had a beautiful performance that followed President Obama’s message about violence against women. Her performance differed from her others, especially her recent super bowl performance. She was dressed in simple white and sang a beautiful ballad that highlighted how well she can actually sing. You can see her beautiful performance here.

I must admit I do love Ed Sheeran. Nothing warms my heart more then a ginger playing his acoustic guitar serenating me with his warm voice, or so I thought. Last night Ed was joined on stage by John Mayer; the best combo of all time if you ask me. Their performance of Thinking Out Loud actually put me in tears because I just love the song so much. See all of the Ed Sheeran/John Mayer wonderfulness here.

I want to know which performances you guys liked the most! Were the same ones as mine? Or was Katy Perry’s ballad to beautiful for you to handle? Which one was YOUR favourite? Did you think someone got an award they shouldn’t have? Overall I want to know if you think this year’s show gave all awards fairly and each artist deserved them.


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