Celebrating the Greatest 70th birthday: Spreading good vibes while remembering Bob Marley’s legacy

Jevaney Gooden is a writer and student at Humber College

March 3, 2015

When I was a child, it was extremely hard for my parents to put me to sleep. They would have to stay up with me all hours of the night and feed me every two seconds just to keep me quiet. My parents tried various methods on how to make me fall asleep faster. Because my dad was a DJ he had so much music that he would always play. One day, after hours of trying to put me to sleep, but dad finally decided to try to play some music. He turned on his CD player, popped in Bob Marley and then his prayers were finally answered. I slept like a baby whenever Bob Marley was playing in the background. He tried to play other artists some times but it would never have the same effect on me like Bob Marley did. Obviously he wrote “No Woman, No Cry” just for me, to shut me up and put me to sleep. My dad clearly is the reason as to why he is my favourite and best artist even today. My life has never been the same since.


We’re Jammin. I want to jam with you. Let’s jam together to Bob Marley, one of the greatest performers in the world. He’s known all over the universe for his heart-filled creations that he blessed us with through music. Ever since he came on this earth, music, reggae music specifically, has never been the same. He definitely knows how to stir up many emotions. February 6th marked his 70th birthday. To think that he died 34 years ago, and is still remembered and known all over the world is a blessing. It is already so tragic to think that he died at such a young age and left our world. Being unable to hear him produce more of his melodies and make more of an impact than he already has is heart breaking. Look at all the positivity that he created in the world. You had a question, he had the answers.

Do you remember how he makes you feel every time you decide to play “Three Little Birds” or even “Is This Love?” You begin to feel a different vibe; a more relaxing, smooth, tranquilized feel. Wise words from the legend himself, “One thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.”

He was extremely musically inclined, from the number of different instruments he played, to the different types of songs he created. He saw music differently than artists today. He made music his outlet for his thoughts and sang every word with passion.

His gift was shared to the rest of the world, to open and discover the hidden meaning behind his every word. Every word that he sang had substance, it had a purpose. He opened up and spoke about things that no artist would even imagine to mention. He risked it all to open up the minds of the world, to view it in a different angle. He brought up topics that wasn’t the norm at that time. He saw things in a completely different light that only a few would understand. What would this world be without Bob? Definitely not what the world is today.

He made changes and paved the way for many in the music industry. He will always be memorable and his legacy will never die. Each and every day I get reminded of how great of a musician he still is as I try to live my life as free and loving as he did. He wanted the world to become equal, everyone looked at as the same value. He always hoped for more, hoped for the better. He brought people together and impacted everyone’s heart individually. He didn’t sing about anything negative, he wanted to spread positivity and good vibes all around. That’s why he remains the best.

What would music be if Bob didn’t exist?

One Love.



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