Achieve Better Character With More “You” Time

Melissa Desantis, a stress-relief specialist and a Public Relations Student at Humber College.

How exactly do you disconnect from your busy life and recharge your body from day-to-day stressors? Everybody disconnects differently but the most important thing to remember is to schedule in time to unplug and relax. By creating more time for yourself, you allow your mind and body to take a step back. With this, your brain will have time to process your day and you will feel much more at ease. With today’s fast paced society, it is easy to get wrapped up in errands, work, judgment and other daily hassles.   Creating more “you” time is one of the most beneficial and easy treatments you can do for yourself. I will share some of my best tips and the many benefits. What are your best tips on alone time?

Click the following link for 6 benefits of having alone time

Reading allows you to stay still for a while and achieve greater tranquility.

What is your favourite book or TV show? Think of all your favourite things and include them into your you time. Your time alone can include a hot bubble bath, a good book, a long walk, or completing a project you have been putting off. While doing these relaxing activities, you will feel your body slow down and recharge. I personally enjoy having a spa night to relax from a hectic day. I find by pampering yourself with your favourite bath products or to a manicure and pedicure you instantly feel like a million bucks. Another activity that takes your mind off things is sinking into a good book. By reading, all your stressors and worries slip away as you engage in the story and live in the present moment.

By creating more you time, you also get to learn new aspects about yourself that you didn’t know before. With your relaxed mind you will begin to notice the way you think, and the way your thoughts interact with everything around you. Also, this will allow your mind to take a step back and be more aware of how you are feeling. You will judge yourself and the world around you in a more open-minded way. During your relaxation period, you can analyze your day and take away any negative thoughts or anxiety that has been building up. By analyzing your day you will improve on your actions and yourself as a whole. Your life will become more efficient as you learn to appreciate yourself and the people around you. Thus, by incorporating relaxing activities, you will let your mind take a break and gain insight on yourself as an individual.
Need ideas for doing things alone? Click the link below for unique and fun activities.

Although these soothing activities and time to do “nothing” seem easy, it is important to remember to actually implement them several times a week. When is the best time to have your alone time? Alone time does not always have to be before bed, it can be in the morning or mid-day. Once you start practicing your alone time daily it will become second nature to you and you will begin to notice the benefits immediately. It is also important to remember that you do not have to say yes every time someone asks you to do something. If you know you cannot make time to go out, it is okay to say no. Remember to know what you need to do before you commit to anything else. By implementing more alone time into your daily routine, you will learn to automatically take time for yourself and give yourself the resting time you deserve.

Through these many benefits that I mentioned above, you will learn that creating more time for yourself will not only make you feel good but improve your overall character. It is an easy task that everyone should practice daily or at least a few times a week.   It is healthy to disconnect once in a while and allow your self to just be. I personally have learned the importance of me time the hard way. About a year ago, I would feel over whelmed and stressed far too often. I slowly started to incorporate relaxing time into my busy schedule and I now feel more balanced and more in control of my emotions and feelings. Are you giving yourself you time? How can you improve?

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2 thoughts on “Achieve Better Character With More “You” Time

  1. caitlinbell8 April 11, 2015 / 7:20 pm

    Fantastic post, Melissa! I really enjoyed reading it and found it very interesting. I definitely agree with the point of me-time being very important in our day-to-day lives, and I think I’m one of those people who probably doesn’t get enough of it.

    For me, I feel most relaxed after a shower or bath, so I’ll sometimes put a face mask on, maybe use a pore strip, paint my nails, and just try to have some relaxing time to myself before getting back into the swing of things. That relaxing time will more than likely be accompanied by a session of binge watching tv shows on Netflix, generally Supernatural.

    One thing that I think is extremely relaxing but haven’t really been able to try it out too much is meditation. I’ve been wanting to attempt it, but I ironically always seem to get distracted by something. Just like your other blog post, I also feel extremely relaxed when I’m doing yoga. I never actually give myself the time to go to a yoga class, so I’ll have to work on scheduling my time better to fit in some more me-time when I really need it.

    During our first semester, I attempted a yoga challenge, but I don’t think I even got past the first day; it was so difficult! I believe it was on – I’ll have to work towards that, but maybe I’ll stick to something a bit easier for now!

    You mentioned you love spa nights after a long day; are there any specific products you always rely on to help you relax?

    Caitlin Bell is a public relations student studying at Humber College.


    • melissadesantis April 13, 2015 / 1:20 am

      Thanks for reading Caitlin! Incorporating me time into my schedule took some adjusting as well. It seems like such an easy task but we often forget to nurture ourself, especially as students.I too have been wanting to get into mediation but I cannot keep my concentration also.

      I also love to use pore strips and face masks during my time alone. I particularly like making my own face masks with honey, brown sugar and olive oil for my spa nights. If I had to name a particular product I would have to say Montagne Jeunesse cooling eye patches from Walmart. I keep them in the fridge to add to the cooling effect. They really help me relax with the spa-like treatment.


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