5 ways to pretend you’re at fashion week – even when your trapped in the library under a pile of textbooks.

Erika is a fourth year fashion management student at Humber College.

It’s that feeling you get when you open your Instagram feed and you see Gigi, Emily and Nina all in the same picture. A mix of jealously, #FOMO and a tad of depression…you know when the top models start hanging out, it’s officially New York Fashion Week.

A screenshot from @gigihadid Instagram
A screenshot from @gigihadid Instagram

New York Fashion Week has begun but unless you are one of the lucky few who’s invite didn’t get lost in the mail, you’re probably feeling that #FOMO worse than ever. But who wants that added stress of rushing to back to back shows in 4inch Louboutins, arguing with celebrities about who’s sitting where and than staying up late for the after parties? Nope, not me. Fashion week is much more glamorous from our computer screen…right? Well, if you do wish you were in New York stressing about which Instagram edit to post, other than your finance midterm, I’ve put together my top 5 tricks to pretend your at New York Fashion Week.

  1. Stream the shows. Another reason why I love the Internet, many designers are now live-streaming their shows making it easier for everyone. Take advantage of this and schedule your favourite shows into your study breaks. From the comfort of your own bed, or in my case the library chair, keep on top of the latest shows straight from your Macbook. You’ll basically be in the same room as Chiara Ferrangi. Well, virtually. In case you missed a show, Style.com has a great App to play catch up on.
  1. Play dress up. Who needs a better reason than fashion week to get together with your girlfriends for a old fashion round of dress up. Draw instant outfit inspiration from bloggers like Amiee Song and Margaret Zhang to put together your fashion week style. Fashion week is also a good reason to get a head start on spring cleaning your wardrobe.
  1. Update your social media. Make sure your following the right people who have something smart to say about the shows and collections. Fashionistia put together a great list of 25 Editors to follow on Snapchat during Fashion Week, in case Twitter and Instragam isn’t enough for you. You can find it here: http://fashionista.com/2015/02/30-editors-to-follow-on-snapchat-during-fashion-weekMake sure you’re also following the right celebrities for all the good super model selfies and street style. Don’t be afraid to join in, comment, share, give your opinion and most importantly get outside and post your outfits! Dare to post twice in one day? It’s fashion week after all!
  1. Drink expensive coffee. (Or juice, or coconut water or whatever type of $12 beverage you’re in too) Find the best local coffee shops in your city and stop by for that double pump latte or splurge on that soy milk and extra shot of espresso. Nothing like an added boost of confidence in your hand. Don’t forget to Instagram and geo-tag it too, or it never happened.
  1. Work out. Forget the Victoria Secret fashion show, New York Fashion week is enough to get you on a no-carb diet. There’s nothing like watching the top models walk down the runway in $500 crop tops flashing their 6 pack abs to get you some gym motivation. Kendal Jenner anyone? Working out is the best way to feel better about yourself and keep motivated.

But in all seriousness, a lot can change in one year, so keep positive. You never know, you could be arguing with Anna Wintour about which seat is yours in 12 months.

Do you have any additional tips to fighting fashion week #FOMO? Comment below! 


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