5 reasons why everyone should want to be one of Beyoncé’s background dancers.

Deneka Dosant is a public relations student at Humber College. Tuesday, February 3, 2015. 6:02pm

 Most of today’s generation knows more about Grammy award winning artist Beyoncé than they do about basic math. Beyoncé has taken over the music world, the dance world, and the acting world by storm. She clearly knows how to put on a performance you will never forget. Just imagine being able to feel the rush of being on stage with Beyoncé and her being your boss. If that is not enough to convince you to audition, I have five other reasons that will for sure make you go grab your dancing shoes.

First and foremost the pay is great. Beyoncé definitely makes it worth your while to bust a move right behind her. Beyoncé pays her tour dancers a whopping $200,000 for all of her tours that are six months or less. However, if you become one of her principal dancers you get paid double. To become one of Beyoncé’s principal dancers is not easy. Beyoncé’s current principal dancers are twin brothers who take busting a move to the next level.


Secondly, you get to travel the world. Being on tour you get to go to amazing places and create memories that you might have never had the chance to make. Beyoncé only has eight background dancers, and it is said that they become like a family while touring. So on top of visiting exotic places you get to share those memories with Beyoncé. Going to these different places you will learn a lot along the way and grow as a person. You will meet different people and see how other people live. Then at the end of the night you get to bring all those new emotions and thoughts to the stage and perform your heart out. Why not travel the world and get paid for it, right?

Thirdly, you get to network and meet other famous people. Being on tour you will get to meet other celebrities and that could lead to more work, which all dancers want. Having the name Beyoncé on your resume makes you just that much more appealing to every artist, choreographer, and performer. The ball will not stop rolling with endless opportunities after being on tour with Beyoncé. It is just up to you to be memorable when making those connections while being on tour.

Fourthly, you get to wear the coolest costumes. We all love Halloween because we get to dress up and become someone else. Being a background dancer for Beyoncé means you get to do that every night. That is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity and these costume are hand made to perfectly fit your body. Talk about special treatment. However, these costumes come with a heavy price tag, so be sure to Instagram them before you have to give them back.

Lastly, you get to be fierce. When you hear the name Beyoncé, you think fierce, fly, and confident. You get to be all those things as well while you are on stage with “Queen Bee.” When she is strutting down the middle of the stage and demanding everyone’s attention you get to be right behind her inhaling all that glory. Now that would be a serious head rush. After completing a tour with Beyoncé I am sure that you will have a whole new level of confidence that you will be able to carry everywhere.

Beyoncé was destined to run the world, but she can’t do it alone and that is why she picks the best of the best to stand behind her. If those five reasons were not enough to convince you to audition here are 21 more.


I can already see you practicing your “Single Ladies” dance. Just remember to stay calm and be fierce, fly, and confident!

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