10 ways to speed up weight loss

Ololade Labinjo, a full-time student at Humber College

You only need to make simple changes that will burn off extra calories that will lead to weight loss over the course of a year.
If you’re struggling with weight loss, then you already know it’s the little things that add up. The “little bit more” at the dinner buffet, the “little bit too tight” feeling of your clothes. But what if you also knew about the little things you could do every day to increase your weight- loss success? Here are some

1. Cut out high calorie sugar
Usually most people use sugar with their coffee but there is a healthier choice which has low calories. Likewise, try mustard on your burger or sandwich instead of mayonnaise, and order your salad dressing on the side so that you can control the amount you eat because most of their salad dressing have a high amount of sugar.

2. Exercise regularly
The key to weight loss is exercise. Doesn’t necessary mean you can’t lose weight without exercise and eating healthy? Exercising just speeds up the process of weight loss. People who manage to squeeze in at least 150 minutes of activity a week are more are more likely to lose weight faster. Take the stairs instead of the elevator or park a bit farther from your destination so you have to walk. This will add extra exercise and burn more calories.

3. Switch up your snacks
Those little calories eventually add up. Instead of eating the baked goodies in the break room, have a plan for healthy snacks that combines a little bit of fat, protein, and crunch, such as apple slices smeared with peanut butter. If you are counting calories, doing the math will help: a pound is the equivalent of 3,500 calories, so if you can cut 100 calories out of your day, you will lose a pound in just over a month.

4. Try the veggie-loaded plate method
One half of the plate should be vegetables. The other side can be split between protein and starchy carbohydrates or just proteins if you’re looking to lose weight faster. If you decide to get a second plate, it had better be all vegetables. People who eat five or more servings of fruits and vegetables a day are more successful with weight loss

5. Avoid fast foods
Studies have showed that people who have little or no consumption of fast food have greater success with their weight loss. Even when consuming these fast foods like fries, you should opted for baked fries instead of fried.

6. Limit the calories you drink
You should limit the soda, pop, sweetened teat, hot chocolate you consume because they are unhealthier that carbs and fatty foods. They add up faster and more.

7. Anticipate temptation
If you know you can’t resist freshly baked brownies, don’t keep them around you. Also, if you are going somewhere with friends and family and know you’ll have a hard time controlling yourself, make a decision before you get there about what you will eat and stick to your decision.

8. Get small portions
Studies have shown that people who order smaller portions or share a plate at restaurants are more successful to lose weight faster. It’s been recommended to order lunch portions, an appetizer, or a children’s meal or put up to half your meal into a doggy bag before you begin eating.

9. Be accountable
Whether you have a diet buddy you check in with, a support group, or a food diary, keeping track of your daily food choices takes only a few minutes, but can double your weight-loss success.

10. Acknowledge your progress
People who believe they can succeed with weight loss actually do lose weight more successfully. You can gain confidence by patting yourself at the back when you make healthy choices and achieve your short term goals. You can also track your progress to gain more confidence because it’ll push you to do better.

All these small changes might not be much but they will eventually lead to your weight loss in due time.


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