10 Steps to Becoming a Taylor Swift Super Fan

By: Tara Vandenberg|Taylor Swift Super Fan|Damage Control 7|February 9, 2015

Tara Vandenberg is a public relations student at Humber College and an avid Taylor Swift super fan. She recently moved to the city after 18 years of growing up on a dairy farm. 

Taylor Swift is currently titled America’s cat-loving sweetheart. She is only 25 years old and her net worth is $200 million. Taylor Swift showcases her love for her fans through sending Christmas presents and writing cheques for college students. She is an excellent role model for music lovers of all ages and should be applauded for her outstanding achievements.

Below is a compilation of all the qualities required to become a true “Swiftie.”

1. Decorate your bedroom with all the Taylor Swift merchandise you can buy.

Any merchandise will suffice such as calendars, posters, or blankets. Think of it as a small shrine to show your respect and love for Taylor. Click here to shop her online store.

2. Attend all Taylor Swift concerts.

To demonstrate your utmost dedication you must purchase concert tickets. Nosebleed seats will not be tolerated. One must dish out at least $250 to be considered a true fan. One must also be dressed head to toe in Swift swag the day of the concert, and wear your t-swift t-shirt at least once a week, until the day you die.

3. Own all four of Taylor Swift’s signature perfumes.

To be a Swiftie, you must smell like a Swiftie. Her four perfumes are titled WonderstruckWonderstruck EnchantedIncredible Things, and Taylor. All the scents are available for purchase from her online store.

4. Own all five of Taylor Swift’s studio albums.

Taylor Swift has been successful since her initial album in 2006. Taylor SwiftFearlessSpeak NowRed and 1989 must be purchased with the deluxe edition to ensure your appreciation. Your morning alarm should also play Taylor Swift. Listen to her songs while cleaning, showering, driving, and eating. Eat. Sleep. Taylor Swift. Repeat.

5. Follow Taylor Swift on all Social Media accounts.

By following Taylor on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, you will always be in the know or where she is and what she is doing. You will receive the latest updates about her love life, her cats, and other extremely vital information. On a need-to-know basis, you need to know.

6. Know who Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson are.

Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson are Taylor’s loveable cats and Meredith actually made an appearance in Swift’s newest music video Blank Space. She frequently uploads pictures of her darling cats. Here is a photo Meredith and Taylor whilst on a plane.

7. Prepare to hate all of her ex-boyfriends.

Be prepared to loath all the past men who broke Taylor Swift’s heart. Also, love whoever her current boyfriend is because he will be her inspiration for her next hit single.

8. Write fan mail frequently.

To be a Taylor Swift super fan, one must send fan mail. Taylor loves her fans and treats them as if they were her real best friend. Write to her and tell her about your day, as if she were your own diary.

9. Know when Taylor Swift’s Birthday is.

Swift’s birthday is December 13, 1989, hence why her latest album is titled 1989. Remember it. Tweet it. Photoshop a picture of yourself with her and upload it to Instagram.

10. Register for an account on Taylor Connect.

Taylor Connect is a forum on the official Taylor Swift website where you are able to chat with fellow fans and stay in the know about all things Taylor. Fans are also able to write blog posts regarding Taylor and her success. Also, by joining the mailing list you will always receive the 411 on Taylor Swift.

If you successfully complete all ten of these steps, you too can be a Taylor Swift super fan. Do you think you have what it takes?


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