3 tips from Forrest Gump on how to run through life

Shardae McPherson is a full-time public relations student at Humber College

Ever thought about that one movie you could watch over and over and never get bored of? For me, that movie would be Forrest Gump; I’ve probably watched it more than 79 times since 2001. If you don’t know the movie, you may know the famous expression “run Forrest, run.” The movie consists of a balanced mix of drama, romance, action and comedy. Who could ask for more in one movie? This movie has creatively integrated life lessons that everyone can learn from. Here’s a sneak preview of love, friendship and adaptability from the movie.

Adaptability. From the iconic scene of Forrest running away from bullies and breaking through his leg braces, he has been using his abilities to run through life. This is where the famous quote “run Forrest, run” came from. Forrest is extremely fast when he runs; he even outran a truck, which then led him to play college football. His team won many games, just because of his speed. Forrest also survived an ambush attack in Vietnam because he ran fast enough to escape. It’s a short but sweet lesson to learn; once you find what you’re best at, use it to your benefit. Try to apply it to everything you do to make you unique and successful.

"Run Forrest, run!"
“Run Forrest, run!”

Love. There are tons of love stories out in the world, but the love story here is priceless. Forrest, the main character, had so much love for his elementary school sweetheart. Yes, he fell in love with here before high school. At that age, they would do everything together; read books, go for walks, swing on tree branches and watch the sunset. Unfortunately between the time from college and mid 30s, Jenny, Forrest’s sweetheart, did not love him as much as he did. In fact, she tried to avoid him, she would be M.I.A at times and even tried to kill herself after her downward spiral in the drug world. Forrest on the other hand was determined to win her love. He visited her at her all girls’ school with chocolates risking getting in trouble just to see her. He also wrote her letters everyday when he was serving time in Vietnam. He tried to save her from men who were being sexually aggressive to her. But in the end, Jenny cleaned up her act and realized that Forrest was her best option/outcome in life so she went back to him. They had a child together and got married. So what’s to learn from this nutshell love story? The mere fact of never giving up on someone you love; if you believe it’s meant to be, don’t stop trying. Life has a funny way of making things work for people with determination.

Friendship. People may think they don’t need friends but having friends is very satisfying. In the movie, Forrest’s real first friend was Benjamin Buford Blue, a.k.a Bubba. They met on the bus when they were being deployed to Vietnam. Since then, they started the best friend process by sharing jokes, stories, memories, secrets and promises. The strength of their friendship was seen when they were caught in an ambush during war and the team was called to retreat from the area to safety. Because Forrest is faster than everyone, he reached safety first; however, when he realized Bubba wasn’t with him, he went back multiple times to find him. After about five times, he found him and brought him to safety. That scene reminded me of Bruno Mars’s lyrics “I’ll catch a grenade for you” except Forrest caught a bullet in the buttocks while carrying Bubba. Unfortunately Bubba didn’t survive the ambush and died in Forrest’s arms. After this incident and when Forrest returned to America, he kept the promise he made with Bubba, which was to start a shrimping boat company and splitting the profits 50/50. Their business became successful and Bubba’s share went to his family. So what’s to learn here from this friendship in a nutshell? Building strong friendships can be beneficial mentally, physically and emotionally. Also, when promises are made, you should keep them; if not, don’t make them. Like my aunt once said, that someone else probably said, “promises are a comfort to a fool.”

There are many more things to learn from Forrest Gump. Personally, in relation to my three tips, I have yet to find what I’m best at. I’m good at a lot of things like sleeping, eating and procrastinating but I wouldn’t say I’m outstanding in something. But I know when the time comes; I’ll have to take advantage of my talent. As for my love life… well that just started so there’s not much to say; however, if it counts, my boyfriend and I have liked each other for two years before we started dating. The major thing I can take away from Forrest Gump is friendship. I strongly believe I’m a great friend; I invest time and effort into friendships. Having close friends make life more enjoyable.

"what are you thinking about now Forrest?"
“what are you thinking about now Forrest?”

Comment below which movie(s) you could watch over and over again that taught you something that you use in your everyday life.


2 thoughts on “3 tips from Forrest Gump on how to run through life

  1. Laura Velez February 28, 2015 / 4:11 pm

    The Lion King! It was my favourite childhood movie and i never grow tired of watching it


  2. DIY Queen February 28, 2015 / 7:09 pm

    Legally Blonde! A girl who had a boyfriend who thought she wasn’t good enough gets accepted at Law School. Moral of the story: If anyone thinks you aren’t good enough, prove them wrong (and dump them!). Also, you can also be beautiful AND smart at the same time! People always get judged on their physical appearance and it sucks. Nice post.

    Liked by 1 person

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